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Laser Removal of Facial Blood Vessels

Blood vessels on your face or body may be due to sun damage, smoking, heredity, hormones, acne scars or steroid therapy. Up until now, removal has involved diathermy which is painful, lengthy and may leave you with scarring. Lasers effectively and safely removes unwanted blood vessels on the face, neck and body. Even facial blood vessels can be removed immediately with laser treatment.

Laser therapy for removal of facial blood vessels or broken capillaries is a procedure which is quick and effective with minimal discomfort. The laser selectively destroys blood vessels without causing damage to the surrounding tissue. If there are few blood vessels to treat, they are traced with a handpiece resembling a pencil. If there are more widespread vessels a scanner may be used. This allows the treatment of a larger area with one pulse of the laser. After the blood vessel has been treated it appears red and may feel a little hot, similar to a burn. Healing is fast. Results are immediate.

 Facial vessels can be removed in a very effective fashion using laser therapy. Over 85% of facial blood vessels can be removed in a single treatment with little or no cosmetic "downtime" after treatment. Patients may return to their normal activities without any significant cosmetic inconvenience.

If you have any questions about our dermatological laser treatments, including laser facial blood vessel removal, procedures please feel free to contact Board Certified Dermatologist, Board Certified Dermatopathologist, Babar K. Rao, MD, FAAD at his Manhattan, New York, New Brunswick, New Jersey, or Fresno, California offices.



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